Invention Disclosure : Ball Point Pen

Ball point

Sketch of the ball point and cross section


State the problem you have solved.

Ball point pens are known to exist for a long time. Different ball pens work on different mechanism for passing the fluid from ink reservoir to the paper, such as gravity, capillary action. However one problem common to all the available ball pens is that if the ball socket is too tight, the ink would clung to the ball and if the socket were loose, the ink would leak out and smear.

How have others solved the problem?

One common approach to solving this problem implemented by Biro Pens, uses capillary action. Biro pens use a piston or a spring that pressurize and the ink column and regulate the delivery of ink on the paper.

State your solution to the problem. 

We propose use of specialized ball sockets in ball point pens to overcome the above stated problem. Our invention is a motion regulated ball socket containing several nanopores which open up and allow flow of ink on to the paper.

How is your solution better or different from the solution proposed by others?

Ball socket of our invention is resistant to mechanical wear and tear, increases life of the pen and reduces the cost associated with capillary mechanism found in previously existing pens.


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