Q&A – “Basics of Intellectual Property Rights & How to create an IP Strategy” for startups – Webinar

Inolyst, in partnership with The Hatch and Startup Village, conducted a webinar session on “Basics of Intellectual Property Rights & How to create an IP Strategy” for startups on Friday, 29th June 2012.

Around 300 + registrations and 70 + people attended the session.  Our team was quite surprised to see the number of questions that were asked during the Q & A session. Due to lack of time, We were not able to answer all the questions that were asked.  This post  gives you all the answers for the questions that were asked during the Q&A session.


Sumesh V.S | Kochi

Q: I have company registered as pvt limited. Is it required to file for a trademark?

Q: To file a US patent do i need to register a company their?

A: It is advisable to file for a trademark on the company and any product name you have. It is not required to have a company in US to file a US patent. An Indian company can also file for a US patent.


Nikhil Jaisinghani  

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of time someone has to file for a patent after the details of the product are made public? Can they file after the details of the product are made public?

A: It is always advisable to file for patents before any information is made public. Once the information is available in public, it would be treated as a prior art.


Smit  shah 

Q: is it possible to have patent for software with the hardware?

Q: hardware like screen CPU etc…

A: Yes, a patent can be applied.


Rohin Kumar | New Delhi

Q: If I’m using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi technologies in my product…do I have to pay the owners of those?

Q: I have 2 similar questions… about obviousness of the product…and paying the technologies we use in our products.

Q: How is the keypad on mobile seen different from Computer keyboard…technically they are the same & to a techie it would be obvious…

Q: Does it come under Design alone or Utility too?

A: A recommendation can only be made after understanding the product in little detail. At the outset,  it sounds to be considered for a utility patent. One needs to probe if the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi technologies been used here are standard protocols or a proprietary technologies.


Arun Chandran 

Q: Can we have two assignees for a Patent?

A: Yes, you can have joint assignment.


Sudha Sundaravaradan | Bangalore

Q: My company name is Jumporee, I have TM it in India not yet registered. There is a similar company in US which has the same Jumporee name and they do the same business. If I plan to move to US and plan to move my brand and business with me then how does it work in US.

Q: small correction in my earlier queston. My logo which has my company name is TM not just the name.

A: Question not understood. Pls clarify


Sumesh P M | Thrissur    

Q: Interested to know how much it will cost for software firm get patented for my health care product? At least a broad idea

Q: is there any way of applying directly through some websites? Who is the granting authority in US for Indian software?

A: Patents are granted the respective patent offices of the particular countries. In the US, it is the USPTO. The fees would include the PTO govt fees plus the professional fee of the firm who files for your patent. For more details on the fee, pls get in touch with us offline. We don’t know any websites from where you can file for a patent and it is advisable not to consider any.


Alok Misra | Lucknow         

Q: Can we look for what applications are published in our domain of application before applying for a patent. If yes, how?

A: Yes, you can search for both granted and published patent applications. The best place to start would be google’s patent search engine


Shubham Parashar 

Q: Thanks mr kumar for such a gr8 information I have a question as there is already a company named YOUTHATION entertainment private limited registered with Roc but I want to register company named YOUTHATHON private limited….will I be granted company name and trademark registration if I applied for…

A: Please talk to an expert offline on this. This needs to be investigated in detail since there is an overlap.


Rahul yadav 

Q: there r many sites like youtube, that means they don’t have patent or IPR for their video sharing or  idea

A: Video sharing technology may be patented. Your question is not clear. Pls clarify


Sahanraj K Shridhara | Kasaragod  

Q: Is our Govt. helping the individuals who applied for the patent? I have heard that Govt. reimbursing the money which we paid for the patent. How they will help us in this regard?

A: Yes there are many Govt. schemes available for both protecting and commercializing your patent and its cost. More details can be found http://www.ipface.org/pdfs/schemes/MSMESchemes-OriginalDocument.pdf and http://www.mit.gov.in/content/about-scheme. There are many more.


Akriti Rastogi | Delhi     

Q: Why is there a bias for US generally in terms of patents?

A: Question not understood. Pls clarify


Vaibhav pandey | Pune

Q: If anyone wants to be self employed in the field of IPR that’s is if anyone wants to open his own IPR firm. Is it important that he/she should pass the patent agent examination?

A: It is advisable to have a Patent agent certification or good amount of experience in the IPR field.


Lakshman K

Q:  The question is how much is the typical cost of a patent filing?

A: The patent filing cost depends on various factors like what type of patents you wish to file, which all countries you want to file.


Mahesh Kokadwar | Pune

Q: If a patent takes 5 years to be granted. How come apple and Samsung able to file so many mobile related patents in such a short time?

A: Patents are filed much before a product is launched in the market.


It was a pleasure interacting with many of you during the webinar. We hope these answer most of your queries.

For further questions, mail us at queries@inolyst.com

We look forward to seeing you on our next webinar which is coming soon (we’ll keep you posted).



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