Top 3 reasons: Why leading law firms and Corporates chose us for invalidity search

While the count of opposition proceedings and infringement lawsuits at major patent jurisdictions continues to increase in number, we take this opportunity to present you how we fared in the past year and why leading Law firms and Corporates in US & Europe chose to work with us.

Reason 1: Consistently delivered novelty and inventive step (obviousness) destroying prior art. Our proprietary search process combined with access to several databases have resulted in finding novelty destroying prior art in more than 40% of the cases we have  worked on.

Reason 2: Our well trained resources have consistently managed to find out the most relevant prior art from varied sources. Moreover, our expertise at handling South Asian patent literature accounted for close to 40% of the prior art we reported to our clients.  Apart from this, access to several technical literature databases have also yielded strong prior art.

Reason 3: While the numbers above give an indication of our expertise in invalidity search process, the graph below shows how our clients benefited from our invalidity search services in the past year. Thirty five percentage of our European clients were successful in getting the oppositions against the patent admitted at EPO. Among our US clients,  41% were litigation proceedings in the infringement lawsuits, which are still being backed by our strong prior art results. Last but not the least, our services also helped a number of clients in assessing the risk mitigation factor associated with patent infringements.

While the reasons are many more, we invite our subscribers to get in touch with us today and see the results for themselves. Please reach out to us at or take some time to fill in the contact form and we will be happy to help you with your invalidity requests.

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