Trademark registration in foreign countries

In our last article, we described the process for registering your Trademark at Indian Trademarks Office. We also discussed as to in what scenario filing a Trademark registration application in foreign countries makes sense.

Often in this internet era, web is unarguably the best medium to promote your brand. More the visibility of your brand on the web increases, your brand name (read Trademark) becomes accessible to a larger audience and therefore higher are the chances of someone exploiting your Trademark to sell his or her goods/ services in a remote country. Hence, it is recommended for high tech startups to register their Trademark in North American and European countries which are usually the target audience for their products/ services.

There are two ways of filing Trademark applications in foreign countries to protect your brand identity abroad. As with patents, one you can file the Trademark registration application in individual countries either by yourself or preferably through a Trademark agent/ attorney or two you can file at WIPO under Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks. The Madrid system gives an opportunity to register your Trademark in multiple countries through a single application submitted at the International Bureau WIPO, Indian Trademarks Office.

Below is a quick look at the two ways of registering Trademark in foreign countries:


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