Inolyst partners with IPL to create stronger IP’s for indian product ecosystem

IPL and Inolyst signs MoU on creating Indian IPs

Institute of Product Leadership (IPL), India’s first Business School for Technology Managers which focus on Product Leadership and Inolyst, India’s leading consulting firm for innovation management and Intellectual Property strategy today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster the growth in Intellectual Property creation amongst the product engineers and entrepreneurs in IT industry globally. The purpose of this MOU is to support the students of Institute of Product Leadership in the area of IP creation by Inolyst experts.

Talking about this MoU, Mr. Pinkesh Shah, Director of Programs & Co-Founder, IPL said, “The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) awareness amongst the product entrepreneurs and senior product professional which was at very low level is gradually increasing off late and also they are getting curious about how it can benefit them in not only choosing to build the right products but building the products the right way.”

“The partnership between IPL and Inolyst will create stronger ecosystem support and also more role models and examples of stronger IP driven business model success,” Shah added.

According to the MoU, Inolyst will help all IPL alumni – startup entrepreneurs, product engineering leaders, architects and product managers  in filling applications for patents and trademarks besides conducting Webinars & customized Workshops for Institute of Product Leadership’s clients focused on Intellectual Property. IPL participants will also get access to experts at Inolyst for advice, recommendations on IP and Patent related matters. Further, Inolyst will be creating exclusive course list on IP for Product Management Programs (ICPM), Product Architect Programs (ICPA) and Executive MBA programs of IPL.

IPL will be partnering Inolyst as the “ecosystem partner”; in turn Inolyst will be the “IP and Innovation partner” for IPL. The tie-up between IPL and Inolyst is set to take the spirit of entrepreneurship and product development to a new high with access to world-class consultancy.

Key elements of the MoU -

•Inolyst to provide access to experts for advice/ recommendations on IP/ Patent related matters to Institute of Product Leadership alumni entrepreneurs

•Institute of Product Leadership to encourage its community members to create Product IPs under the guidance of Inolyst

•Inolyst will help to create a Centre of Excellence for IP at Institute of Product Leadership

•Institute of Product Leadership will be delivering open webinars and special courses as part of the ICPM & Executive MBA programs on Intellectual property essentials

Mr. Dilip Kumar, CEO, Inolyst said, “Today, the funding for Indian companies is basically coming from US. The philosophy of fund raising off late, have been investing in Product companies which have IPs. This calls for the product companies which are looking for funding to create products not just for Indian market but for global market, especially US and Europe. This is making the IP strategy to be crucial in any Product Startup, which is looking for funding.”



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