Your Brand can become someone’s domain!!

That’s right! Internet has become the new market place for selling possibly all products and services; and the institutions managing the World Wide Web are putting in every effort to make internet the most business worthy medium.

Recently, ICANN announced its plan to allow brand names and several other generic names as top level domains.  To simplify it, any business can book their domain name that identifies their goods or services and domain names are no longer limited to .com, .co, .biz etc.

While the new gTLDs are going to be very beneficial to the business community, we also caution the entrepreneurs to safeguard their brands before someone else takes advantage of the brand.  To give an example, with the new gTLD there is a possibility that any Company X dealing with automobiles may start using a domain like .ferrari, which is actually a brand name of Italian car maker.  Perhaps, if Ferrari was not a registered Trademark (or a well known mark, for that matter!), the Company X would get away with the .ferrari domain.

Although ICANN has set up processes to ensure that Trademark infringement risks are avoided, it is an imperative for entrepreneurs to ensure that their brand names are registered as Trademark. This will ensure that your brand name is not being used as a domain by someone else.

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