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20 Dec 2013

Inolyst partners with IPL to create stronger IP’s for indian product ecosystem

IPL and Inolyst signs MoU on creating Indian IPs Institute of Product Leadership (IPL), India’s first Business School for Technology Managers which focus on Product Leadership and Inolyst, India’s leading consulting firm for innovation management and Intellectual Property strategy today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster the growth in Intellectual Property creation amongst the product engineers and entrepreneurs in IT industry globally. The purpose of this MOU is to support the students of Institute of Product Leadership in the [...]

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11 Dec 2013
Art, Articles, Copyrights

Copyright And E-learning

With technologies and transactions going the online route, can learning be far behind? Every day we inch closer to the futuristic visions of classrooms being transformed into personal learning modules, where students can learn whenever and wherever they want. What brings this change? E-learning. E-learning as a field has changed the face of the education industry and has opened up a world of subjects for potential students from all walks of life. Now, it is also adding value to corporate [...]

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04 Dec 2013

Can you protect ideas through copyright?

If you are a startup working on a software product, then besides patents, copyright is your legal best friend. Indian copyright law gives you various rights when it comes to protecting your property. However, copyright does not protect ideas, information or concepts. So in order to manage your intellectual property effectively and get the best out of it, you need to know exactly what is covered by copyright, how you can use it to your advantage, and what you need [...]

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15 Nov 2013
IP, Patents

The Nokia acquisition and the global patents war – Impact on Indian Mobile Industry

It is a well known fact that the market for mobile phones in Asian countries is growing at a rapid pace. India can be identified as the second largest mobile market across the world, surpassed only by China[1]. And this is only set to grow – a recent survey on mobile handset markets in India (and China) by a well known investment management firm shows that the demand for mobile phones, particularly smartphones, is expected to grow at a compounded [...]

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09 Nov 2013

Webinar on 5 ways patents can help you develop better products

Inolyst in association with Institute of Product Leadership conducted a webinar on  “5 ways patents can help you develop better products”. The webinar was well received by the audience and many of those who missed the event wanted the webinar recording to be uploaded. All those who missed the webinar can go thorough the recording of the webinar through this link.    

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07 Nov 2013

International Protection of Trademarks

Trademarks can have severe implications on international businesses. One example of this relates to Apple’s launch of iPad in China. In 2012, Apple’s launch of iPad in China was delayed due to a tricky trademark related legal issue. The legal complication arose as the word ‘iPad’ was already registered as trademark by a Chinese firm Proview in 2000. This meant that technically Proview had right to use the word ‘iPad’ and to prevent others from using the same word. Consequently, [...]

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24 Oct 2013
Copyrights, IP, Trademark

Copyrights And Trademark Registration: Two Mighty Swords In Your Arsenal

  When dealing with literary, dramatic, artistic or musical work it is a good practice to register the copyright existing in the work. Similarly, all logos and service marks which are used for business purposes should be registered as trademarks. While it is not absolutely necessary to get copyright or trademark registration done, there are certain critical advantages that arise from registration. This post shall focus on the advantages arising from registration and on how these advantages give you an [...]

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09 Oct 2013
Articles, Trademark

How important is your BRAND to you?

You are buzzing with new ideas and energy. Along with your friend, you start a small but innovative web service which is supposed to revolutionize e-commerce. Amazed with your brilliant commercial model, angels pump funds into your infant company. All is going well, so far. Until D-day. Six hours after the launch of your web service, you get a threatening letter from a market giant accusing of trademark infringement. A dicey situation to be in. Similar is the case of [...]

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