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07 Oct 2013

Why IP Strategy is a must for startups ?

Startups can protect their products using different types of IP, such as copyright , design patent, utility patent, trademark, trade secret etc. To create a suitable IP strategy, startups must understand how IP fits within their business strategy, and how IP is used in the market by their competitors, partners, suppliers etc. Startups must develop a robust intellectual property strategy early in the life cycle of their products to maximize the value of these important assets. The best IP strategy [...]

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25 Sep 2013
Innovation, IP, Patents

High time to start building your patent portfolio

With the recent news of Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s devices and services business, the key role played by patent portfolio in the market valuation of a company has once again come to limelight. As reported by World IP Review here, the license fee for the vast patent portfolio of approximately 30000 patents including some key wireless technology patents and several design patents accounted for more than 30% of the agreed buyout amount of a whopping $7.16 billion! What more! The entire [...]

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20 Sep 2013

Novelty and Non-obviousness – Demystified

A patent application requires an awareness of two concepts: novelty and non obviousness. These are used in reference to prior art and are important in the process of patenting. Not sure what these legal terms mean? Well, read on. Before getting to know the highlights of this post, novelty and non obviousness, it is important to know what makes them so important. According to Patent Law, every invention must satisfy four requirements to be eligible for a patent. Those requirements [...]

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16 Aug 2013
Articles, Patents

Provisional patent vs Regular patent

A provisional and a regular patent application are two terms one would come across most frequently when dealing with patenting activities. This article is our attempt to help the inventors and investors demystify the concept of provisional and regular patent application and prepare a sound patent filing strategy. Here’s an audio which will help you understand this topic better. Do listen to this. Lots of insights! First things first, a provisional patent application and a regular patent application are not [...]

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26 Jul 2013
FAQ, IP, Patents

Looking to file patent in India? DIPP considering fee hike!

The Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy (DIPP) which governs the Indian Patent Office has recently issued a notification seeking opinion from industry leaders and peers on a proposed hike in statutory fee on filings related to patenting activities. The notification can be accessed here. Here are the highlights on proposed fee hikes: The filing fee to be revised from the current Rs. 1000 for individual inventors and Rs. 4000 for legal entities to Rs. 2000 and Rs.8000 respectively. Cost [...]

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25 Jul 2013
FAQ, Innovation, IP, Patents

National award for commercializable patents 2013-2014

The “National Awards for Commercializable Patents” has been instituted by TIFAC under its TREMAP programme. The award recognizes the innovative potential of Indian Nationals as well as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) who have developed innovations relevant to the industrial and societal needs. This initiative has been introduced with a view to make more innovative products available to the society. The objective is to help commercialization of patented technologies, especially those which could not be commercialized so far (in [...]

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IP assets and market valuation

As stated in our previous articles intellectual property rights are assets and therefore their value is reflected in the company accounts. Key intellectual property rights often play a huge role in the company’s valuation. Intellectual property rights make your company acquisition-attractive: Intellectual property rights play an important role in acquisitions and mergers. Think of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. In an article[1] written shortly after the acquisition, Steve Lohr reports that the 17,000 patent portfolio could represent more than half [...]

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03 Jul 2013
Articles, IP, Patents

Leveraging the rights granted by patents

Continuing from our last post, here we discuss how exactly the rights granted by patents can be leveraged to the benefit of your business. While it is a known fact that a patent grant takes 3-4 yrs on an average, several rights granted by the patent exist from the day of filing the patent application itself. The most important and yet the most simple way in which intellectual property rights could be used, is through the exercise of the right [...]

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