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How IP helps in raising capital?

A startup company, by definition, is an entity trying to creating a new market for its disruptive innovation. Unlike the traditional company which has a well-defined market for its product and is therefore customer-centric, a startup is idea-centric. Due to the above mentioned difference in philosophy, startups have a greater need for raising capital; capital which is required for creating the product, promoting the product and marketing the product. Typically this requires the startup to convince potential investors about the [...]

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International experts recognize Inolyst’s presence in IP ecosystem

Inolyst recenty partnered with Mumbai Angels, an Indian angel investment group with an aim of helping Indian start-ups to become organisations that are capital-efficient, strategic about IP and have the potential to generate solid returns. This effort of Inolyst has been well appreciated by IAM-Magazine, which is one of  leading publishing media for the IP industry worldwide. Today, India’s tech-based talent pool is probably one of the largest in the world, and the success story is because of strong IP, that forms the backbone for [...]

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Promoting innovation and patenting in startups: Initiative by Govt of India

If you are a technology startup creating innovative products and solutions in Electronics or Information Technology domain, we recommend you to avail the benefits of the new initiative by the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. While we have talked about the importance of patents for startups several times like “Patent value for startups”  and “Patent value for startups: key barrier to competitors”, the recently announced scheme by the Government of India serves as [...]

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03 Jun 2013
IP, Trademark

Trademark registration in foreign countries

In our last article, we described the process for registering your Trademark at Indian Trademarks Office. We also discussed as to in what scenario filing a Trademark registration application in foreign countries makes sense. Often in this internet era, web is unarguably the best medium to promote your brand. More the visibility of your brand on the web increases, your brand name (read Trademark) becomes accessible to a larger audience and therefore higher are the chances of someone exploiting your [...]

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02 Jun 2013
IP, Trademark

Trademark registration filing in India

Continuing from our last post about the need for Trademark registration, in this article we tell you the procedure for filing a Trademark registration application in India. Before we begin, it must be noted that Trademarks are territorial in region, which means a Trademark registered in India will give you exclusive rights for using the registered Trademark only in India. If your product/ service brands have customers outside India, Trademarks should be registered in all such countries. More on this [...]

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01 Jun 2013
Articles, IP, Trademark

The Why and How of Trademark Protection

The sheer number of Trademark infringement cases filed in India alone loudly tells the importance of registering your Trademark. Business entities across the industry segments seek Trademark protection to secure their brand names, logos, signs, symbols etc associated with their products or services. As to why it is important to register a Trademark, the best in case example would be trademark infringement/ domain squatting case between Tata Group and over a domain registered by latter under the name [...]

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31 May 2013

Inolyst join hands with Mumbai Angels as their IP Partners

Inolyst, a leading Intellectual Property consulting firm recently announced their association with Mumbai Angels, which is India’s leading angel investing group involved in funding the startup ventures with a motive of being a catalyst in building a strong ecosystem for innovative Indian startups. Founded in 2009, Inolyst is a full service Intellectual Property advisory, monetizing and licensing firm. They bring together extensive legal, technical and business expertise necessary for technology driven companies to create, manage and monetize a strong IP [...]

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15 May 2013

Top 3 reasons: Why leading law firms and Corporates chose us for invalidity search

While the count of opposition proceedings and infringement lawsuits at major patent jurisdictions continues to increase in number, we take this opportunity to present you how we fared in the past year and why leading Law firms and Corporates in US & Europe chose to work with us. Reason 1: Consistently delivered novelty and inventive step (obviousness) destroying prior art. Our proprietary search process combined with access to several databases have resulted in finding novelty destroying prior art in more [...]

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